Duro and Valispace

Duro and Valispace's cloud-based integration will provide a 100% digitized and automated management of functional and manufacturing requirements all in one place. Real-time validations will track changes made to bill of materials (BOM) and supply chain data to ensure hardware designs stay in compliance. This full transparency across all teams allows users to catch any issues in early development cycles giving ample time to respond before going into production.

Highlights of Duro's integration with Valispace

Complete Requirements Management

A Requirements Management and PLM cloud software integration allows for digitally connected full requirements management: Functional Requirements + Manufacturing Requirements.

Real-time Validation

Together, Valispace and Duro allow for real-time validation for change management tracking of BOMs and Supply Chain data - empowering teams to catch issues much early in their development cycles.

Full Transparency

As cloud-hosted platforms, both Duro and Valispace promote for full transparency across team members.

Ensure High Quality Data

Requirements validations are run at both data entry and ECO workflows, to ensure the highest quality of data going in and out of your ecosystem.