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About Duro Labs

Duro Labs is a resource website for early stage hardware product teams looking for insight into engineering and manufacturing best practices. We focus on electrical, mechanical and full-turn key production, with the occasional dabble into textiles. New content is constantly added, so subscribe below to automatically receive news and updates, and don't forget to check back often.


Product Lifecycle Management is an important process to follow from Cradle to Grave of your product. Each stage has its own goals and processes to follow before graduating to the next. 


Manufacturing is what it's all about. DuroLabs can help you learn how to properly evaluate your suppliers and contract manufacturers to ensure they can produce the parts you need to your quality specifications. 


Development testing and Production testing are two main categories of testing for hardware products. DuroLabs can help you learn industry best practices for both sides of testing during the development of new products.


Design for [Manufacturing, Testing, Assembly] is a critical skill necessary to improve your chances of success. Incorporating industry best practices for DFx will improve your efficiency and effectiveness.


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