Duro for Aerospace and Defense

Disruptive Aerospace & Defense (A&D) companies are changing the way A&D products are designed, made and (re-)used. For these companies, ideas are everything but time is short. Duro makes engineering collaboration simple yet also maintains needed governance to ensure repeatable processes, quality products, and traceability.

The traditional government-sponsored Aerospace & Defense industry which landed man on the moon and brought low-cost global travel to the public, is undergoing disruptive change. Commercial startups, often beginning as SPAC’s (Special Purpose Acquisition Companies), are redefining space transportation even before they have a business model. Funded by investors on the strength of an idea, these companies are often formed by the best engineers with decades of experience at traditional A&D companies. The challenge is to create working prototypes with aerospace engineering technology, while still forming the company and without corporate best practices to guide engineering processes. It’s chaos guided by a shared end goal. Enter Duro with its aerospace engineering software. Duro is a next generation Cloud-Native PLM solution to aid engineering collaboration in exactly these situations with aerospace engineering tools.

What Duro delivers for Aerospace and Defense Companies

  • Affordability

    Today’s A&D industry relies heavily upon suppliers. Supply-chain-centric design processes mean all parties must confront incompatible IT systems, Tools, and Processes. Enter Duro, the next-generation Cloud-Native PLM solution to aid engineering collaboration in exactly these situations. Duro may be enabled in hours not weeks or months and is both flexible and scalable.

  • Traceability

    Duro offers complete traceability of product information from supplier-sourced components in spreadsheets or e-catalogs, through to final released products. Alerts signal if information is outdated so users can make corrections, “Roll-Back” can restore a previous version. Duro’s Traceability helps companies satisfy both internal engineering processes plus Federal regulatory requirements.

  • Interoperability

    Duro’s deep integrations with tools, e-catalogs and systems ensure an uninterrupted Digital Thread. Duro provides common integrations to mCAD/eCAD, ERP, e-catalogs, and desktop Office, all Out-of-the-Box. A RESTful API allows users to configure other integrations. Event triggers using webhooks send notifications to adjacent systems, thus automating the Digital Thread.

  • Agile Team Collaboration

    Duro helps engineers be more productive; frees up time to get more done. Emulating a Git Workflow paradigm used in the software industry where unstructured workflows are typical, Duro helps engineering teams collaborate easily. A Change Order may be initiated by an engineer then shared immediately with chosen stakeholder peers, for example.