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Review costing and availability for every component in your design. By pulling sourcing earlier into the design phase you reduce rework. Duro enables you to share information with procurement to improve time to market, incorporate supplier restrictions and drive profitability of your products.


Make speedy decisions about components with reliable sourcing data

Understand availability and pricing at the time of design

View live sourcing data to uncover components with long lead times or high prices within the assembly. Factor in supply chain data early to design decisions. Quickly find replacements for out of stock parts to ensure products can be built on schedule.

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Only order what’s needed

See warnings when duplicate parts are entered into the system to validate your data and reduce errors. Having an accurate BOM and assembly enables procurement orders the right quantities.

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Pick the best supplier

Duro’s sourcing module allows you to view comparable parts from a range of different off-the-shelf parts distributors in one view. Select parts from the most suitable supplier to improve costs and lead times.

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Collaborate with procurement

Share revisions with your procurement team directly from Duro so they can review designs and anticipate purchasing decisions. Use their feedback to adapt designs based on approved suppliers or known supply chain restrictions.

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