PLM for Computer Infrastructure

To meet the elastic computing infrastructure demand from online retailers, social media giants, and enterprise SaaS solution businesses, Hyperscaling is now critical. Hyperscaling seamlessly provisions computer memory, storage and networking resources. Computers and Data Centers must be designed, built and maintained differently to support hyperscaling solutions.

Consumers and industrial companies are driving unprecedented demand on cloud computing resources as the shift to online sales, social media, and enterprise SaaS solutions accelerates. Large data centers filled with high-performance servers are being built around the world to meet the demand of large emerging middle-class consumers and businesses. Computer servers, racks, networking infrastructure, IIoT monitoring systems, and secure buildings must be erected too fast for traditional design/build/maintain methods; everything happens at once. Instead of buying high-performance data servers from brand-name manufacturers, large SaaS solution providers are designing and building their own. Cross-functional collaboration is essential because engineering processes involve many roles; mechanical, electronic, software and IoT devices as examples. Enter Duro, the next-generation Cloud-Native PLM solution to aid engineering collaboration on computer software technology.

What Duro delivers for Computer Infrastructure Companies

  • Affordability

    Server components like memory, I/O devices, processors, and racks are sourced directly from OEM’s or wholesalers, then assembled, commissioned, and maintained, in-house. This drives down cost but places demand on engineering and procurement to maintain accurate as-designed, as-built records. Duro's computer software tools are engineered exactly for these situations; no surprises, no hardware or consulting means its the most affordable PLM solution available.

  • Traceability

    Engineering often validates that choices made by strategic sourcing will work rather than define all final design choices. Duro’s structured workflows, event logs, parametric search, history tables, and roll-back capability ensure traceability of who did what, how, and why. Duro’s Import from Vendor wizard with direct vendor integration highlights changes so everyone is on the same page.

  • Interoperability

    Duro has commonly needed deep integrations to mCAD/eCAD, ERP, e-catalogs and desktop Office, all Out-of-the-Box which ensures an uninterrupted Digital Thread. A RESTful API allows users to configure other integrations. Event triggers using webhooks send notifications to adjacent systems, thus automating the Digital Thread.

  • Agile Team Collaboration

    High-performance data servers have a high percentage of procured content sourced from suppliers which means many product stakeholders must spontaneously collaborate to make decisions fast. Duro’s Git Workflow paradigm used in the software industry, where structured workflows are uncommon, suits consumer electronics product development perfectly.