PLM Enterprise

Product development technology for companies that require a custom PLM deployment.

PLM Enterprise

A Complete Product Data Management Stack

Duro's product development resources will allow your organization to construct a complete data management software stack spanning between Design and Manufacturing, accurately mapping your different Bill of Materials across all systems.

Customize Where You Need To

Duro's PLM tools for product development provide Enterprise-level customization capabilities, which empowers you to tailor Duro to the needs of your organization.

Enterprise Class Security

Duro comes with the extra comfort of user and data security. With 2FA and SSO, your CIO can relax knowing that Duro can easily be rolled into your company security policy.

Capabilities and services beyond PLM Professional

  • Customizations
    You can fine-tune a list of different account elements, so that Duro better aligns with your legacy systems or previously adopted tools. Customizable elements include Part Numbers, Categories, Revision Schemes, and Change Order approval routing.
  • SSO/2FA
    Ensure your account is safe with Single Sign On with G Suite or LinkedIn credentials, and Two Factor Authentication.
  • Best-In-Class Support
    Duro's Enterprise technology resources and support will make it seem like we're a part of your team! We quickly respond to any questions or issues, so that your team can remain on track.
  • API Access
    Want to integrate Duro with a 3rd party inventory management, CAD, or ERP system? Duro’s RESTful API allows for easy bi-directional data flow between any application.