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PLM for Consumer Electronics

Disruptive consumer electronics companies are changing the way everyday products are designed, made, and used. Innovation is everything but time is short so decisions are made under pressure. Duro is a consumer electronics PLM solution that enables product innovation by helping engineers collaborate throughout the supply chain while also enforcing corporate governance.

Today’s intelligent consumer electronics products offer numerous quality-of-life improvements for things such as family entertainment, mobile communication, and home security, all at affordable prices. Type in web camera or keyboard or mouse, into Amazon and you’ll find between 2,000 and 40,000 products in each category. Embedded technology is advanced yet consumer electronics products are sold through volume retailers as commodities. OEM’s must fund product development and cost-of-sales from low margin, high volume sales of products that have short life spans, and seasonality demand peaks/troughs. It is very challenging to differentiate from competitive products through sales incentives so strategic product innovation is essential. Enter Duro, the next-generation Cloud-Native PLM solution to aid engineering collaboration for consumer electronics solutions in exactly these situations.

What Duro delivers for Consumer Electronics Companies

  • Affordability

    Consumer electronics products are intelligent, self-installable, non-upgradeable, non-repairable, throw-away devices. Components, supplied by low-cost volume producers, are critical in products we use in everyday life. Engineering challenges for innovative consumer products include incompatible IT systems, Tools, Data and Processes. Duro's innovative electronics solutions are engineered exactly for these situations; no surprises, no hardware or consulting means it's the most affordable PLM solution available.

  • Traceability

    Engineering often validates that choices made by sourcing will work, rather than define all final design choices. Duro’s structured workflows, event logs, parametric search, history tables, and roll-back capability ensure traceability of who did what, how, and why. Duro’s Import from Vendor wizard with direct vendor integration highlights changes so everyone is on the same page.

  • Interoperability

    Duro has commonly needed deep integrations to mCAD/eCAD, ERP, e-catalogs and desktop Office, all Out-of-the-Box which ensures an uninterrupted Digital Thread. A RESTful API allows users to configure other integrations. Event triggers using webhooks send notifications to adjacent systems, thus automating the Digital Thread.

  • Agile Team Collaboration

    Consumer electronics products have a high percentage of procured content sourced from suppliers. The final decision of which components to use is often made at a late stage which means product stakeholders must spontaneously collaborate to make decisions fast. Duro’s Git Workflow paradigm used in the software industry, where structured workflows are uncommon, suits consumer electronics product development perfectly.