BOM Management

Manage your BOM with ease to ensure your electrical, mechanical and software teams have the information they need to make timely decisions and move quickly.

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Accurate product information is key to helping you make the best design decisions

Create a single source of truth

Duro’s streamlined interface organizes all key production information into an easily-referenceable source of truth. Duro also manages details for your entire product line, including new revisions, documentation, sourcing, and variant information.

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Analyze changes throughout design and development

Quickly compare any two revisions and see how the BOM has changed. Duro highlights the differences between revisions in terms of BOM structure, documentation and sourcing with easily visible color coding. Use this data to understand changes that have occurred as well as make decisions about adapting designs.

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Ensure BOM continuity from design to procurement and production

Use pre-built integrations with your preferred CAD tools to synchronize part numbers, BOM structure and new releases. Duro generates unique part numbers for every component, tracks your published releases and stores important production files and documentation. Information is updated in CAD.

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Eliminate duplication and procure the right components

Duro automates data entry and validates components. The platform shows alerts about duplicates or errors to guarantee accuracy for your entire assembly. Save time checking and reentering incorrect information so you can spend time on design decisions.

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Stay on top of supply chain data with real-time sourcing data

Out-of-the box integrations to off-the-shelf parts distributors ensure accuracy of data transfer into Duro and reduce duplication for parts. Duro provides the latest pricing, lead times, and availability for mechanical and electrical parts.