Duro and First Resonance

By connecting First Resonance's Factory Operating System, ION, to Duro PLM, it’s easy to build design specifications directly into the manufacturing workflow. Effectively manage all aspects of test, manufacturing, validation directly from your eBOM or mBOM. File transfers from PLM to MES are tracked in Duro, reducing the need for separate email threads. This enables you to catch issues in the manufacturing process, redline on the spot, and update design within minutes. Close the loop between manufacturing and engineering.

Duro and Ion

Highlights of Duro's integration with First Resonance

Sync design and build

Pass your BOM to manufacturing to create manufacturing plans and assign work orders.

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Track all file transfers

Transfer BOM with one click, following an approved Change Order.

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Reduce error cycle time

Catch errors on the manufacturing line and seamlessly communicate problems in real-time back to design.

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Improve manufacturing data

Gain traceability from design components through to as-built and shipped goods to ensure you make the right parts.

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