Duro and Altium

Duro’s integration with Altium Enterprise Solutions makes it easy to synchronize schematics, PCB designs, manufacturing data and components for ease of data management and collaboration. Engineers can quickly transfer project information and update revisions in their PLM for review by other team members. The integration enables you to: automatically generate an eBOM from Altium to Duro, pull part choices into Duro sourcing and create releases and change orders within Duro.

Altium and Duro

Highlights of Duro's integration with Altium Enterprise Solutions

Ensure accurate transfer of information from design to PLM

On release of a project, you can automatically create a structured eBOM in Duro removing the need to manually enter data. Save your team time transferring information.

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Centralize and manage part data

Duro and Altium connect to part aggregation services, like Octopart, to enable up to date information on parts to be transferred between applications. Duro automatically assigns Part Numbers for all eBOM parts and production files.

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Publish and share engineering documents

Ensure all documents associated with a project are published instantly in Duro including: Schematics, PCBs, Gerber Files, and all required manufacturing files. They can then be shared with anyone in the organization that has access to Duro.

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Keep track of revisions for traceability

Duro allows you to store revisions and keep track of change orders for each project. This enables the ability to automate the version and revision control process, have a defined ECO process and retain a history of updates throughout the lifecycle of the project.

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