PLM Starter

PLM technology for teams that need a simple, intuitive, and cloud-based single source of truth.

PLM Starter

Save Time, Get Ahead

Save weeks or months you would have otherwise spent getting organized. Duro PLM technologies reduce the amount of time it takes to manage product and supply chain data with product lifecycle management tools.

Implement Instantly

Be up and running with centralized part numbering, revision management and change order systems in days or hours, immediately improving productivity.

Reduce Risk

Remove the risks associated with spreadsheets and other supply chain data management methods with Duro. Our centralized PLM supply chain platform comes with a built-in automated data validation engine that scans your parts and assemblies for the most common mistakes.

Automate Best Practices

We have woven best practices into our product from lessons learned over decades of hardware engineering. You can now build upon these lessons and achieve best in class with low friction and zero consulting.

Explore the Capabilities
of PLM Starter

  • Centralized part numbering
    Duro makes it easy to centralize your part numbering system and ensure no two part numbers point to the same entity across your software tool stack, an industry best practice.
  • Change Orders
    We have created the simplest and fastest Change Order Management workflow, ever. With Duro, teams can review and approve changes in minutes, instead of days.
  • CAD Integrations
    Easily sync and release CAD files, drawings, and production format files from the major CAD applications.
  • Export Control
    Quickly create export packages to share designs with colleagues, manufacturers, and suppliers.
  • Automated Sourcing
    Automatically pull in part specs, pricing, and lead times from many of the popular parts distributors, (e.g. McMaster, Digikey, Mouser, Arrow, etc.).