PDM One makes CAD file management easy

Collaborate on CAD files without worrying about file conflicts or overwrites. PDM One works with your existing CAD applications and incorporates enterprise grade cloud storage to protect your data. Customers retain full control and ownership of their IP.

Protect work, prevent overwrites, and retain control of your IP

No need to leave your existing CAD application

PDM One integrates with your existing CAD tool. You don’t need to learn new workflows or leave the application. Easily Check-In or Check-Out files as you work on designs.

Prevent simultaneous editing and file conflicts

PDM One enables you to quickly Check-Out files you’re working on within the CAD application to prevent concurrent editing. Anyone trying to access a Checked-Out file can see who’s working on it. Once you’ve Checked-In the file, it’ll become available for editing again.

Secure data storage

PDM One leverages leading cloud storage solutions, like Dropbox or Box. Companies retain full control and access to their own IP. You can share the files externally with suppliers or manufacturers, as you would with any Dropbox or Box file.

Easy implementation

Implement PDM One in hours. It works out-of-the-box and so customers can start using it immediately. There’s no need to rely on additional IT resources.