James White, VP of Product, Duro

Traditional PLM solutions and hardware development tools do a great job of automating existing processes whereas Duro has reinvented them entirely. The Duro cloud-based engineering solution collapses life cycle processes by using a Git-like, Agile, architecture.

High-tech hardware is everywhere; in everything, that we rely upon. No longer an industry vertical called “high-tech”, hardware is ubiquitous and is vital for safe, reliable planes, rockets, cars, CT scanners, smartphones, and computers. What product doesn’t have hardware at its core?

The problem is that most of this technology we depend upon is sourced from outside sources and not from one singular manufacturer. And studies* show that about half an engineer’s day is lost finding stuff, especially those sourced components. The new normal keeps getting newer and newer. Of all the “new” things affecting manufacturers is the realization that they almost entirely depend upon sourced content to build their products. And traditional PLM is too hard to be useful. This forces bad behaviors.

Bad behaviors such as making a (necessary) change, but outside of PLM, then saving it on a desktop computer rather than updating master data records, is risky. Duro’s agile hardware development solution collapses life cycle processes by:

  • Building Sourcing directly into Duro native capability. This ensures sourced content remains accurate throughout the lifecycle
  • Zero-touch ERP connectors using out-of-the-box templates (NetSuite, D365)
  • Enabling and managing unpredictable workflows throughout the ecosystem
  • End-to-end Traceability to see full history
  • Highlighting when something doesn’t match, e.g., eBOM compared to mBOM
  • Built-in regulatory compliance, corporate policy (GDPR, ITAR, SOC2)
  • “Right-for-me” personalization is accomplished by configuration not customization

The Aloe Care Health Hub

High-tech hardware is in all industry verticals; industrial and consumer products. Duro is truly a new generation cloud-based engineering solution for PLM, which means it is:

  1. Independent. No parent corporation dictating business strategy or engineering development direction
  2. Cloud-native. No legacy customers or technical debt draining resources
  3. Zero-touch. No need to engage System Integration services. It’s all out-of-the-box.

Only Duro is driving the agilization of hardware development tools by collapsing processes, not just automating the old ones.