Slack, Jira and Linear Integrations

October 19th | 11:30 AM – 12:00 PM PT


We’ve been hard at work creating integrations to the tools you love.

Through our Prismatic partnership, you can connect directly to Slack, Jira or Linear. We make it easy to share Change Order updates or important product information within your existing planning and communication tools.

Hear Duro’s Director of Product, Mike Prom and Duro’s Head of Engineering, Dustin Diaz, talk about how the integrations work and what’s next on the roadmap. You’ll learn:

  • Which technology we used to build these integrations and why
  • How the integrations work and best practices for using them
  • What’s next on Duro’s product roadmap

Meet the speakers

Mike Prom
Director of Product Management
Dustin Diaz
Dustin Diaz
Head of Engineering