Harnessing AI to Make Strategic Component Procurement Decisions

December 12th | 11:00 AM – 11:30 AM PT


How do you decide when to procure components? Do you stock up or wait until you need them?

On December 12th we were joined by Phillip Gulley, Chief Strategy Officer at Cofactr to learn when to procure components. He chatted to Duro’s VP Strategy, James White, about making data driven decisions and why engineering should play a role in sourcing. They reviewed changes in the industry and shared what to look out for. 

They covered:

  • Which supply chain issues you should worry about in 2024
  • How to mitigate risk and counterfeit parts
  • When to stock up on components and when to purchase just in time
  • The role of AI and data in procurement decisions

Meet the webinar speakers

Phillip Gulley
Chief Strategy Officer
James White
James White
VP Strategy

About Cofactr

Cofactr is an automated electronic component procurement and inventory management platform. Leaders in critical industries like aerospace, defense, medtech, and robotics rely on Cofactr end-to-end supply chain automation, procurement optimization, and integrated logistics to deliver their most mission-critical hardware