PLM Migration

PLM Migration Service

Duro offers support for migrating data from legacy PLM systems to Duro’s modern PLM. Our PLM data migration services take the pain and cost out of orchestrating a migration. Take advantage of greater reliability, faster performance, more security capabilities, and lower costs.


Maintaining a legacy PLM system increases IT overhead, slows down business processes and increases the amount of time engineers spend on administrative overhead. Time that should be spent on engineering work.

To support companies looking to give time back to their engineers, Duro provides an intelligent and systematic approach to the migration of their valuable product data and design history from existing PLM and PDM tools to Duro’s modern and streamlined PLM platform.

Having led many legacy system migrations, the Duro team has developed a pain-free PLM data migration process, designed to identify all potential issues and accelerate your move into a modern, cloud hosted, tool. All of which results in:

  • Legacy migrations with low or no downtime to end-users

  • Migration timelines that are measured in days, not weeks or months

  • On-time, within budget project execution

Service Elements

  • Data Validation – Your data is validated during the import process into Duro’s platform to ensure no erroneous or incomplete data corrupts your new Duro account.

  • Product Data Audit – Our team will create a punch list of any missing or incomplete data as well as identify areas of risk that may cause additional costs or delays when going into production.

  • Part Number Review – Part numbers are validated for various issues including: duplication, incorrect or incomplete values, inconsistent category codes, etc.

  • Change Order Workflow Review – Our team of seasoned industry experts will review your version control and change order workflows to propose any amendments that could make the PLM data migration process streamlined and more efficient.