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Resilient Supply Chains


The entire world is getting hit hard by COVID-19. More specifically, the manufacturing industry is discovering where the weak points are in the manufacturing supply chains and many companies are still scrambling to figure out how to respond. In this panel discussion, three top industry experts, Bob Brakeman of Elementary Robotics, Paul Cianci of On Tap Consulting, and Michael Corr of Duro Labs as they share their insights about what they are seeing on the front lines of hardware manufacturing today.

  • What types of companies are being hit hardest?
  • Who is safe and who is not. What supplier regions are rebounding faster than others?
  • What are the right (and wrong) steps to take right now to maintain resilient supply chains?


Bob brakeman
Robert Brakeman
Operations Specialist
Paul Cianci
Paul Cianci
Managing Partner
Michael Corr
Michael Corr