There are two main categories of testing for hardware products. Development testing and Production testing.

Development Testing is used during development to ensure the product meets the feature requirements

Production Testing is used during manufacturing to ensure each instance of a product meets the functionality and quality requirements.




Testing for hardware products is challenging. There are often too many variables to control, so rigorous automated testing becomes intimidating. In this presentation we show some best practice solutions to simplify the process and improve product reliability

Production testing is often underutilized and undervalued in its importance for hardware product manufacturing. Make sure you don’t neglect or underestimate the importance of functional tests on your production line. Your contract manufacturer will ultimately be responsible for operating the tests, but it’s your job to design and monitor them. There’s too much at risk to leave these tasks to someone else

Agile isn't just for the software folks. While it's not a simple copy and paste, it is possible to adopt many of the agile manifesto principles to develop firmware for embedded devices. With proper architecture abstraction and some slight test tool customization, embedded firmware development teams can exploit Continuous Integration and test automation to enjoy the same speed and efficiencies as web and mobile app developers