Duro Labs has been working hard these past few months on a very special, super secret project. We have been heads down focused on developing new software tools to help small engineering teams manage their hardware manufacturing process. 

Soon, we will be making a big announcement and offering our software products to the wider community. But, for now, please be patient and stay tuned...!

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For now, what we can tell you is:

The hardware product manufacturing industry has been plagued this past decade by a lack of innovation and modernization. Software tools like PLM (Product Lifecycle Management),  ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and Inventory Management have been overly complicated and antiquated - thereby alienating themselves to only the larger companies who have the resources to setup and administer them.

The smaller, fast-paced, engineering teams have been grossly neglected, despite their valid need for these powerful tools in their own product development cycles.

Well, we ask you wait just a little longer... The Times They Are A-Changin' !!