Product Overview


Duro’s cloud-based software helps hardware companies accelerate product development, increase workforce productivity and reduce risk. It's as simple to use as a spreadsheet, but integrates automated data entry and validation to enforce hardware product development industry standards and best practices.


Accelerate Hardware Development

Hardware product teams get products to market faster with efficient and automated processes, and simple communication tools


Automate Key Design Processes

Minimizes tedious manual data entry and validation by automating the most common and risky tasks


Increase Workforce Productivity

Automatically pull-in part data from Vendor catalogs to capture complete datasheets, part specifications, price breaks and lead times


Reduce Risk and Wasted Dollars

Designs and quality are consistent between engineers and Contract Manufacturers


Features Overview

Duro's Hardware Product Management platform is a powerful tool for managing the entire workflow from prototype to mass production of any innovative hardware product. 

Duro helps Electrical and Mechanical Engineering teams manage their CAD files, Bill of Materials (BOMs), and Sourcing data using industry standard formats that all Contract Manufacturers are expecting.


Getting Started


Duro's powerful import wizard allows users to create and update BOM assemblies directly from a spreadsheet.

Simple mapping tools allow Duro to be compatible with any spreadsheet format exported from all electrical and mechanical CAD applications. 

Validation and inline error correction helps users ensure their data is correct and any errors are identified, early.


Duro allows users to easily create new Components in their library by importing from all of the major vendor catalogs.

Simply enter a Manufacturer Part Number and Duro will pull in all of the Component's specifications, associated documentation and sourcing information - guaranteeing the data is exhaustive and correct.

Product Navigation

With persistent access to your Product assembly tree, users can efficiently navigate through their product BOM sub-assemblies to find the exact components, quickly.


Getting Ready For Production



Duro's simple export wizard allows users to quickly export Product parts and assemblies. 

Users can customize their export package settings, to be compatible with any supplier formatting requirements.

The export package clearly identifies the component part number and revision, so suppliers will find everything they need to properly produce your product

Users can email production files directly to their suppliers from Duro, ensuring no miscommunication and that the right part versions will be produced.


build readiness report

The power of Duro shines with the Build Readiness Report. Using this feature, users can follow industry standard checklists to ensure they have completed all the required tasks before releasing their designs to be manufactured, at both prototype and mass production stages.