Product Overview


As easy to use as a spreadsheet, Duro packs a powerful set of features that help centralize all engineering and manufacturing-related workflows - keeping your documentation error-free and your project on schedule.


Centralized. Everything.

Duro is your single source of truth, keeping all company or project stakeholders up-to-date and aligned. Achieve true centralization of your engineering and manufacturing data through Duro.

CAD Integrations

Duro is building integrations with many of the popular MCAD and ECAD tools, enabling engineers to conduct all PLM-related tasks without needing to leave CAD. Further accelerate your workflows with Duro’s CAD integrations.


Automated Part Sourcing

Duro connects automatically to parts distributors such as DigiKey, McMaster, Mouser, and many others. Pull in part data, pricing and lead time information in seconds with only an MPN (Manufacturer Part Number).

Quick, Easy Change Order and Revision Management

Create and issue change orders in seconds with Duro’s intuitive change order management feature. Distribute change orders to your team or any group of stakeholders through a minimal number of steps.


Track Product Variants

Easily set and track BOM variants across your product line. Whether due to customer demand or component availability, Duro allows you to configure variations to your standard Bill of Materials for any product.

Onboard in Hours - not Weeks or Months

Whether your migrating from spreadsheets or from an existing PLM, Duro’s intuitive interface and automated workflows drastically reduce the time typically needed to get started.