About Momentus

Momentus is the first company in its class to offer affordable space infrastructure services, paving the way for a robust in-space economy. These services include last-mile satellite and cargo delivery, payload hosting, and in-orbit servicing options. To deliver on their vision, Momentus has developed hardware breakthroughs and has capitalized on recent disruptions in the launch industry to unlock business opportunities of a previously unimaginable magnitude.

The Challenge

Prior to adopting Duro, Momentus was managing product data across multiple systems, including CAD tools, shared spreadsheets and various individual’s desktops. The team not only needed a single source-of-truth, but an end-to-end solution that connected systems requirements and design data all the way through to their manufacturing systems. At the speed Momentus was moving, they could not afford to spend 6 months implementing a system, nor could they achieve their vision with a system that took engineer’s away from their important work developing innovative hardware.

“Duro allowed us to get up and running with a PLM system that was interoperable with our existing systems much faster than we expected.”
– Aliki Loper-Leddy, Chief of Program Management

The Solution

Duro enabled Momentus to get a cloud-native, compliant PLM system up and running in a matter of days, immediately increasing productivity and reducing risk by tying the team into a single source of truth. With Duro’s integrations with SolidWorks and Valispace, Momentous was able to set up a means of bidirectional syncing capabilities with their main mCAD tool and Requirements Management tool, respectively.