About Bellwether Coffee

Bellwether Coffee has developed the first zero-emission, electric, integrated and automatic roasting system in the world. The same size as a kitchen refrigerator, the Bellwether Roaster serves as the most consistent and controllable roaster on the market. This breakthrough in roasting technology has, together with their Green Coffee Marketplace, the company is democratizing access to sourcing, roasting, and selling coffee.

The Challenge

Bellwether adopted the cloud-native design tool Onshape in the early days of the company to handle design and PDM. As the company moved through prototyping into production it became apparent that non-design team members were insulated from the product data being managed in Onshape. On top of that, exporting production drawings and other file formats required too much back and forth, wasting valuable working hours, slowing the team down. The team needed a solution that increased communication and transparency throughout the company, that integrated well with Onshape and that served as a single source of truth, capable of connecting to other existing tools used in the company and any tools that would be adopted in the future.

“Duro has increased communication across the company for the better and has saved us a tremendous amount of time due to the automated publishing functionality.”
– Peter Schmehl, Manager of Design Engineering

The Solution

With Duro, the Bellwether team is not only able to build a bridge between their design tool (Onshape) and their ERP, but they were able establish an easy-to-use single source of truth that all departments could reference as designs moved from design through prototype and into production. Through Duro, the Bellwether team was now able to involve non-engineering personnel in the engineering change approval process based on releases generated in Onshape. Lastly, Duro was able to give the Bellwether team back hours of engineering time by automatically publishing released drawings and production format files (upon ECO approval) a process that was previously a manual step for each required export.