Transitioning from Arena: Vantage Robotics Case Study

Company Overview

Based in San Leandro,CA, Vantage Robotics designs and manufacturers a 4K-capable drone called Snap. Having just won an FAA certification (a first of its kind) to fly over crowds, Snap is bound to set the standard for drone safety, a testament to the innovative minds at Vantage.


With a team comprised of Stanford and Yale-trained Silicon Valley tech veterans, Vantage is a group that is used to moving fast. Their Snap drone is built in their headquarters in San Leandro so that they can maintain “control over design, production and quality” as well as achieve the development and manufacturing velocity that they need to get ahead.

Vantage’s PLM Problem: Speed and Data Accuracy


Vantage fell into using Arena due to the team’s familiarity with the platform from previous roles. Seemingly a better fit in terms of cost, Vantage came to realize that maintaining their Bill of Materials and tracking changes thereof was taking way too much time. The team lacked an extra team member dedicated to product lifecycle management and they couldn’t afford to have their engineer’s time eaten up with cumbersome administrative tasks.

Duro provided an opportunity for Vantage by allowing them to take back that valuable engineering time that they were otherwise spending on data management. Through Duro’s automated and much accelerated workflows Vantage would also be able to avoid having to hire a new team member to handle data management exclusively as the company expands. On top of this, Duro cut their bill in half.

Highlights from Vantage’s Transition from Arena to Duro:

  • Vantage, with the support of Duro, was able to migrate their entire product data set in hours….

  • All Vantage’s product data was filtered through Duro’s validation engine to ensure accurate part names, part numbers, and part sourcing. Duro uncovered a slew of erroneous data and documentation errors that could have resulted in disaster down the line.

  • Vantage has found Duro to be a much more enjoyable user experience than Arena, which has led to greater participation and higher degrees of data accuracy.

  • Vantage no longer needs to worry about incurring extras costs when new project stakeholders (internal or external) create an account. With Duro’s flat rate pricing, cost doesn’t get in the way of collaboration

  • With Duro, Vantage is already seeing a two-fold increase in productivity