Haje Jan Kamps  

To software developers, the process of hardware product development can seem distinctly 1980s. Even in the most high-tech of work flows, there are tons of error-prone and potentially expensive manual, steps including spreadsheets, confusion and a general feeling of the will to live sagging away through the musty, solder-stained floorboards of the hardware development shop. Along comes Duro and the $4 million the company just raised, in an attempt to bring some agile methodology sanity to a final-bill-of-materials.top-assembly.final.final.final.final.no-really-final-this-time.xls world.

Duro’s fundraising round was led by B2B SaaS investors Bonfire Ventures, with follow-on money from hard-tech investors Riot Ventures. The new funding will be used to expand sales and marketing teams and to further develop Duro’s product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions.

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