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This is my very first professional blog post, so it would be informative to start with answering the question: “why”. Why did I start DuroLabs and why am I starting a blog?

Over the course of my career, I’ve been fortunate to have several jobs from which I’ve been able to grow professionally. Some have been more financially successful than others, but in all cases I was able to learn a tremendous amount about some facet of engineering, and leave the company as a much more knowledgeable and experienced employee. A personal mantra I follow is, for every job one must be able to grow either financially or professionally. If neither is possible, it’s time to leave. Hopefully we all can grow in both aspects simultaneously, but sometimes only one is achievable

Engineering is a vast field with many facets to learn and gain expertise in. No one can be a master of all. Throughout my career, I’ve had some great mentors that have helped me learn some of these aspects, but in the majority of my experiences I have had to go it alone, implementing a lot of “trial and error” and making plenty of mistakes along the way. In many of these cases I knew what I was trying to acheive wasn’t novel, in the broader sense; I just hadn’t been exposed to it before. I knew someone had figured it out before me, from whom I could learn and avoid the unnecessary pitfalls, but the resources were lacking to find them

I’ve spent the majority of my career working at startups where time and money are not bountiful resources.  Being able to navigate the minefield of mistakes is critical to minimizing lost time and resources. This fact is especially true when developing hardware products. The capital investments and inherent lead times to prototype and produce electronic and hardware products are significant, and mistakes can potentially be irreversible. The minimal funds and the constant pressure to release products to customers compounds the criticalness of not screwing up

So, that is the answer to “why”. It is these experiences that have led me to found DuroLabs; a consulting service, an online resource, and a blog for young engineers and engineering managers.

DuroLabs consulting services help early stage hardware companies setup best practices and navigate the obstacles in place getting from an early prototype to a mass produced product – with the primary goal of releasing customer ready products early and efficiently.

DuroLabs blog will be a resource highlighting various topics across the disciplines of engineering development, product manufacturing, and engineering management. Blog posts will include anything from helpful anecdotes from my own experiences, to collections of best practices, to tutorials on topics I believe are important to be successful in this industry

I invite you to subscribe to this blog and check back often as more content is added to the website

And so the journey begins …


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